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PT Bormindo Nusantara was founded in 1981 as a national oil drilling contractor. A year later it had one rig, Frank Cabot 658 with power of 350 HP, which served Pertamina under a one-year contract in West Java.

In 1984, new shareholders joined Bormindo to strengthen the company. A significant milestone was achieved when Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI), the biggest single oil producer in Indonesia at that time, awarded a five-year contract to Bormindo to provide three rigs for drilling and work-over services. One of the rigs was a heli-rig specially designed for exploratory wells with no access for land transportation.

Since its early days, Bormindo has developed into the benchmark for onshore oil-well drilling and work-over services in Indonesia. As at 2006, the company's fleet had grown to 11 operating onshore rigs operating, representing over 10% of available rigs in Indonesia.

In 2007, PT. Bormindo Nusantara was acquired by new shareholders, who plan to take Bormindo to new heights of quality and growth in the years ahead to become a world class company in drilling and work-over services provider.